There are 3 ways to find great places to stay in Bangkok.

1. Explore Yourself

Perfect for people who love adventure. Get best place to stay in 4 simple steps.

  1. Go to our Homepage. You will see the search form.
  2. Enter place you want to stay nearby in Location field.
    If you are already in Bangkok and you want to find a great place to stay nearby, simply click the small circle on the right of the Location field.
  3. In Category field, choose Stay.
  4. Click Search Listings. That’s it! Our website will show you great places to stay. You can see detail and make reservation from there.

TIP: You can search for amazing things to do using the same steps. Just put in your hotel name in the Location field and search for anything you want!

2. Ask Thai People

Who else to ask from, right? Simply click the floating “? Help” button at bottom left of the screen (or the “?” button at bottom left your mobile screen). Then send us a message. Alternatively, you can email us at support [at]

3. Get The Best Deals Straight

Perfect for people who have no time. Simply use hotel search form on the sidebar; left and right sides.